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Fully automatic and in Switzerland

RESTORE-IT is our worry-free backup solution for your company. From backup & recovery to emergency solutions in case of total failure, your systems are in the best hands with us and our partners. 

How does the backup work at Restore-IT?

For all backup options, your data or your entire IT system, regular backups are carried out by our partners and stored encrypted in our Swiss data centers. This is controlled via agents on the instances to be backed up. We support virtual or physical servers, clients and also backup for individual NAS and archives. And if your data is in the cloud, we rely on our automated public cloud backup solution, which is also licensed and controlled via agents.

Store data in the cloud

Why should I back up cloud data?

Just because your Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite data is already in the cloud doesn't mean it can't be irrevocably deleted or restored indefinitely. Our Public Cloud Backup offers you the perfect solution for fast recovery times and long-term storage of your data.

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Where will my data be backed up to?

We operate two data centres at geographically different locations in Switzerland. In our data centre in the communication bunker in the Swiss mountain massif (SG), your data is stored in an earthquake- and radiation-proof manner. A former bank with a vault (AG) is the foundation of our second data centre, which is equipped with motion and vibration sensors. Additional security is provided by the option of storing your data in the vault or distributed across both locations.

What do we have to do in the event of a disaster?

Nothing works anymore and everything seems lost? One call is enough and we or our partners will take care of it! With the corresponding disaster recovery option, your systems can also be booted up in our data centre in the event of a total failure. This means you are back online after just a few hours, have access to your data and systems backed up by us and can continue working.

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Our recommended partners

We rely on strong partnerships. For our Restore IT products (except for bexio) even exclusively. 


For an optimal partner recommendation and advice on your individual backup solution, please contact us without obligation:

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Further offers & services

In addition to our backup services, we offer other products and services for your benefit.

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