Our SILEO Team

Our small but effective team gives priority to the needs of our clients and devotes all its time to satisfy their requirements so that we can offer them the best possible service. On this page, we would like to introduce you to the people behind SILEO Information Management AG. 🙂

Always ready for your challenges - with a lot of competence and a smile.

CEO Silvio Frick

Silvio Frick

CEO, Owner

It was with great enthusiasm that I threw myself into the world of entrepreneurs in 2011. I took over the company Sileo and brought it back to life. With innovative services tailored to the SME environment, we are successfully on the road and are recording pleasing growth.


My technical passion has always been IT systems technology and the big picture. Immediately after completing my apprenticeship as a businessman, I switched to IT and have developed over the years to become a qualified business IT specialist /HF. I have built up a particularly large amount of knowledge in the areas of networks, virtualisation and Citrix terminal servers. Even though I am very good with technical details, I like to be creative, design new products and systems and am happy to support our customers as a partner and consultant.


I need a balance to the virtual IT world in which it is often difficult to see what I have achieved at the end of the day. I find this balance in my family, in sport and also very much in doing handicrafts.

Stefan P. Kolmann

CTO, Owner

Networked thinking, a customer-oriented way of working and a quick perception help me to efficiently and creatively cover a wide range of customer needs in projects. Through my experience in various industries and my eye for graphics, it is possible for me to advise our customers on an equal footing in various IT-related topics. Thanks to my enthusiastic personality, I work with passion in projects and always try to optimise processes and implement even the small things efficiently and goal-oriented.

In my private life I am an enthusiastic hobby photographer and filmmaker, love IT and media as well as event technology and broadcast video.

Christian Lochmatter

Systems Engineer, Casino Account Manager

I live for technology. Both professionally and privately, IT and technology have always been my faithful companions. After my apprenticeship as a "radio-TV electrician", I was able to gain many other experiences; from the construction site to the security company, to my first casino job in Bern over 20 years ago. That's where I got hooked! Not the gambling fever, but the work with casino IT and technology. And my heart still beats for casino infrastructures today. 

Just as technology and techniques continue to develop, I also like to stay up to date and constantly expand my knowledge - so it always remains exciting in my job and the customers are happy about it too 😉 

Melanie Hof

Software Engineer

Software development, that's my thing. I started with an apprenticeship as one of the few application developers. Since then, the IT industry has never left me. After a stint as an IT project manager and customer consultant, as well as a long trip abroad with Partner & Kidds, I now support Sileo in software development in the casino environment. In my private life, I deliberately look for a change of pace away from the computer screen. My two children and sports are the perfect balance.

Luka Stojic

Software Engineer

I have been fascinated by computers and technology since I was a child. I have been working in the IT world as a career changer for several years now. With my experience in web development, I now support Sileo as a software engineer for Bexio Backup and in the casino environment. My interest in software development and cyber security constantly drives me to deepen my knowledge.
In my free time, I also enjoy working on other IT topics, running a home lab and discovering my creative streak in videography. Away from the screen, I find balance and enjoyment in sport and am a passionate basketball player. I am actively involved in a club, share my expertise as a junior coach and act as a referee.

Melanie Frick, Back Office & Events

Melanie Frick

Back Office, Events

I support our company in administration, organise events and bring new ideas and creative aspects to our company activities. My professional career began with training as a pharmaceutical assistant. After a few years in the profession, I worked as a clerk for various health insurance companies.
As a mother of two children, I am glad that I can contribute to the success of our company in a very flexible way, independent of location and time.

Eugen Frick

Finance, Customer Care

Technology has always fascinated me. That's why I started my career as a civil engineer. In the 80s, the history of today's IT started. I developed into a programmer / analyst / organiser. After years of working for banks and insurance companies, I founded my own company in 1982. It was the beginning of an exciting and successful journey through time. Despite progressive development of technology, the task and the basis of computer science is still the same. My know-how in the field of mainframe computers and mass processing is still in demand and very valuable today.

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