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2021 - SILEO in magazine

Ignorance does not protect against failure

"For many companies, digitalisation stops at the processes or the servers migrated to the cloud. Not every company has to strive for a digital evolution. But it would be much more important that not so many would miss to secure their digital achievements. How often do we experience this because of a lack of experience, bad advice or because people think they can't afford it. But basically, no company can afford not to secure its digital advances and treasures."

Our CEO Silvio Frick writes in the October 2021 issue of about the risks of digitalisation and how to protect yourself from image and data loss.

2019 - IT-SPACE in Lake View Magazine

Feature image-IT-SPACE in Seesicht Magazine


The world of work is becoming increasingly digital, and with it the importance of data security is also growing. A total loss of IT can have have devastating consequences for a company. This is where the company Sileo from Fahrwangen comes into play. It offers a sophisticated backup system for all IT data.

Text: Claudio Brentini

2019 - SILEO in the conclusion

Contribution picture for SILEO in the conclusion

SILEO - Innovative IT Service for Professional Computer Network Security Solutions

For four years now, the company Sileo Information Management AG, or Sileo for short, has enriched business life in Fahrwangen. With a motivated team of six, Silvio Frick offers comprehensive solutions in the field of security for computer networks. To this end, the company operates a platform for data and service products with high security standards and active system monitoring.

Text: Hans-Hermann Janknech

2016 - SILEO with ComDataNet AG

2016-SILEO with ComDataNet

Data security at the highest level thanks to "restore-it

ComDataNet AG, in cooperation with SILEO Information Management AG, now offers a back-up solution with its product "restore-it", which brings data security to the highest level.

Text: pd | Photo: zvg

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