Cloud storage
Secure, flexible and in Switzerland

ACCESS-IT Drive is the perfect Swiss Cloud solution for securely storing your data in a Swiss data centre.
Store data in the cloud

What is cloud storage?

In simple terms, it is an external (not on your notebook/PC) storage location for your data, which you can access via the Internet.

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Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored and secured in our modern and professionally operated Swiss high-security data centres. A former bank vault and a former military bunker form the foundation of our data centres and offer protection against theft, severe weather and natural disasters.

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..and if I delete something by mistake?

Don't panic! We back up your data reliably and offer you a version history of the last 7 versions (oas many as your booked storage space allows). FSo if you want to get a file back or restore a previous version of it, Access-IT Drive makes it easy.

How does access to my data work?

No matter whether Windows, iOS, Android or Mac OS. We have the right client for all operating systems with which you can access your data. Even if you don't have an internet connection at the moment, you can still access your data offline. Your data will then be synchronised as soon as you are online again.

Your advantages with SILEO Cloud Storage

We offer you the possibility of a large package that gives you a lot of security and full control over your systems.

Swiss data centre

Unlike other storage storage providers, we guarantee that your data is stored exclusively in our high-security data centres in Switzerland.

Flexible & Scalable

You need more storage? Simply order or apply. We offer virtually unlimited storage capacities.

Mobile data backup

Lost your smartphone? Your data is not! Simply log in to ACCESS-IT via another device and you can access your data, contacts & appointments.

Team player

Access and edit data simultaneously in a team via our collaborative Professional version.

Encrypted transmission

ACCESS-IT encrypts your files during transmission. So you can know your data is safe, along with Swiss data storage and daily backup.

Daily backup

Your data is backed up daily with our RESTORE-IT. This allows you to restore data for up to 7 days/versions.

Real time synchronisation

As soon as your data changes, it is automatically synchronised. If you are offline, your data will be synchronised as soon as you have an internet connection again.

Device independent access

You can via any device on ACCESS-IT, even offline.

Costs for your team-enabled data storage in the cloud

Benefit from the many advantages of our Swiss cloud storage offer at a fair price. 


Team player & scalable
Everything it takes to work together
from CHF 57
per month
Prices do not include VAT.
Further offers & services
In addition to our Access-IT Drive cloud storage, we offer other products and services for your benefit.
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