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Tuesday, 28. February, 2023 | 22:20
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With OCTAGON, we are launching a digital solution for the centralised management of personal dossiers. Sounds simple? It is! One licensed access is all you need to start optimising your processes and significantly simplify the operation of your casino.

Do you still use paper and Excel for customer registration, checking VIP guests and ensuring due diligence? Do you recognise unnecessarily large efforts but do not know how to minimise them? We would like to make your processes and tasks easier, more efficient and safer for you with OCTAGON.

How OCTAGON simplifies casino operations

OCTAGON is a digital solution to optimise processes and interfaces in casino operations and to replace error-prone paper and Excel solutions.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a casino CRM developed in Switzerland and specialised for the needs and requirements of Swiss casinos.

One of the highlights of OCTAGON is its modular design, which allows casinos to choose the specific functionalities that best suit their needs. The software can either be hosted or run in-house, offering flexibility for different business models.


With OCTAGON, casinos get a comprehensive solution to manage their operations with a wide range of functions such as customer registration, VIP guest verification, inventory management, reporting and task scheduling, person blacklist interface, social concept compliance tools and central address management via interfaces to other tools.

The inventory management module for chip stocks, spare parts, keys, badges and other casino equipment ensures that casinos always have the necessary resources to provide guests with an excellent gaming experience.


In addition to the technical functions, OCTAGON also supports casinos in fulfilling their social concept obligations by providing a range of tools to promote responsible gaming and ensure guest safety.


OCTAGON's interface to reference databases and barred lists enables the identification of individuals barred from gambling, while reporting and task scheduling features enable effective communication and collaboration between different parties.


In short, our OCTAGON a powerful tool for casinos, providing a digital solution for the centralised management of people dossiers and the delivery of an exceptional gaming experience for guests.

Replace paper and Excel solutions with OCTAGON
Replace paper and Excel solutions with OCTAGON

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