Play it safe with bexio Backup

Thursday, 2. December, 2021 | 8:42
RESTORE-IT bexio Backup

Is bexio the software choice for your everyday office life?


Then bexio Backup the right life insurance for your company data.


We all know how important backups are. Because if documents or work are lost or data is manipulated by mistake or even deliberately, this can have unpleasant consequences for your company... And finally, your accounting is the foundation of your company.


So start securing your work and documents in bexio today.

Our new RESTORE-IT App bexio Backup is a Automated backup solution for your bexio data, documents and contacts.

Depending on your choice of subscription and starting at CHF 9.00 per month, you benefit from a professional backup solution with a wide range of functions and up to 10 years of storage time.

Not in the mood for a night shift?

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