Final event of the Erasmus Project in Bergamo, Italy

Sunday, 4. February, 2018 | 18:03

We were invited as an international guest member to the final meeting of the Europe-wide project completion day in Bergamo. 


At the headquarters of Confindustria Bergamo, we reflected on and concluded the project that had been running for 3 years with a focus on "Go to work in Europe" together with numerous representatives of the participating universities and companies.

The aim of our project group is to increase awareness of the dual system (vocational apprenticeship) in Europe and to establish it as an alternative to full studies. The countries participating in the project were Italy, Sweden, Romania and Spain. The project has attracted international attention and generated new models such as ECLI or the EDU Network, which will find their way into the EU education system.

Confindustria Bergamo is a strong business umbrella organisation in Northern Italy with over 1200 affiliated companies. It has been heavily involved in the project and has played an important role in mediation and project structuring as a bridge between the universities and the business community.

With our involvement in this body, we maintain important international contacts and contribute to the promotion of young professionals.

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